Thursday, July 10, 2008

I was Team Jason all the way...

I wrote about "The Bachelorette" awhile ago, and while I haven't written anything about it lately, like weekly updates, it all finally ended this past Monday. I've been biting my tongue all week, but can I just say, I'm STILL shocked that DeAnna didn't pick Jason! I mean, she's obviously very happy w/ Jesse, but IMHO, Jason was the better choice. He was loving and a family man (he loved his young son; ok, maybe being a stepmom was not her thing), original and romantic (LOVED that board game he created for her), and def. easy on the eyes! Jesse, for me, was missing something.

This was by far the best season I've ever seen from the franchise. ABC got smart; they didn't drag this thing out for months on end. Every Monday was a 2-hour cheese-fest of unrealistic pining and overzealous admissions of love and excitement, and it came down to a very (sad - for me!) entertaining ending, where there were many tears every episode. Yes, I'm a big mush ball when it comes to these types of shows. My family mocks me for watching this, but we all want love, we all want others to find love, it's a very universal thing, so why not be voyeuristic about it?

Anyhow, here is the very sad ending. I hope that Jason finds some lucky girl out there soon; he is aching to be in love, poor guy.

But the best thing about the finale for me? DeAnna's dress! It's so gorgeous! It reminds me of something Ariel would wear if she had legs...the deep blue color up top feigns the coolness of the ocean, and the green at the bottom like a glittery tail of a mermaid.

Alas, the dress, by Badgley Mischka, is sold out, but what a beautiful outfit to be engaged in! A great season, a bittersweet ending at the end, but maybe they'll make Jason the next Bachelor? It's either him or Jeremy, but Jeremy was a little scary at the end... I mean, talk about sour grapes...

And yes, I deliberately didn't post the proposal w/ Jesse, 'cause I just don't understand it! :P


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