Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Jessica's mini-me

OK! mag scored the cover story of Jessica Alba and her new baby girl, Honor Marie Warren. As far as I'm concerned, all babies look alike until they turn 6 months, but at first glance, this baby doesn't look much like Jessica; she probably looks more like the dad.

Many celebs have had babies recently, but very few are actually interesting to me. Like, I could care less that Tori Spelling, Matthew McConaughey, heck, even Jamie Lynn Spears had babies, but since Jessica is renowned for her beauty, I was def. curious about what her baby would look like, esp. since she gave birth to a girl.

She is def. a cutie, but wait til the Jolie-Pitt twins take center stage! Those are like, the epitome of celeb babydom. :p

Doesn't it kill you that all of these celebs, upon giving birth, have to put on the natural make-up and matronly hair to look "maternal?" Just so weird...

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