Monday, August 4, 2008

Obama is NOT Mr. Darcy, IMHO

I normally try to not state my political views here, mainly because I don't believe this is the best platform, nor do I think people in general care about my views, but reading this op-ed piece really stirred a level of discomfort that I didn't know I had about the current election.

In the New York Times, there was a piece that compared Barack Obama to Mr. Darcy (the haughty but dashing hero), and America as Elizabeth Bennett (the spritely, carefree heroine). In an unfair way, John McCain was compared to Wickham (the dishonorable villain). While the piece was written eloquently and with much wit, I don't know if I agree that Obama is Darcy, and I only say this because I love Darcy!

I was a Hillary fan all the way. Despite the critics out there (really, which candidate is wholly perfect?), I really believed that she could make a change for the better based on her experience, intelligence, and understanding of both domestic and global issues. So I was very sad the day she was no longer in the running. I look at the current candidates and see flaws written all over them, with issues that they bring as "benefits" which to me are clear problems.

Barack Obama is a great speaker, has presence on stage, clearly loves his family, and believes in bringing "change" to the White House. My biggest problem with him is that I don't know what that "change" is supposed to be, and how he's going to do that. In fact, based on what I just wrote about him, I know VERY little about his policies. I can easily Google those and read them, but I think my issue with him is that I don't believe him. I think he's a master manipulator in his debates, where he tailors his thoughts for specific audiences; how different is that from when John Kerry was running 4 years ago and people accused him of being a flip-flopper? However, he slides by and gets away with this a lot of times. I'm not a political analyst, so I'm not going to try to name every episode, but I've been reading articles here and there, and listened to some of his debates, and just based on his answers on how he's going to handle the economy and taxes, there is a lot he doesn't understand about basic finances. I used to think I was a Democrat, but I'm beginning to think I'm more of a liberal, because I have issues with raising taxes to help fiscally-irresponsible Americans. There, I've said it, most Americans are big spenders, with debts up the wazoo, and now responsible Americans have to pay more taxes to help those who didn't manage their money well? It's one thing if people are working and underpaid, but an entirely different issue if people don't know HOW to pay for something, but can't stop buying. Sorry, I don't want to be a part of that. But if Obama is elected, there is a big chance that he will raise taxes only for a certain income-bracket, and relieve those with mortgage probs. I think there needs to be more assessments in this area than just lumping everyone together and making everyone responsible for those who abuse the system.

I also think he's too green. He's just not experienced enough, and I think his strategy is to please the audience, get into the White House, and then figure it all out once he sits as President. I think he's a lot of BS sometimes, and I mean that in the most polite way. He's on an extended job interview, and every time he has to talk to a new person, he reads that person by how they ask the question, by what their body language is, and he tailors his answers to please the interviewer. But what are really his credentials? There aren't enough to say whether or not he can get the job done, and do I like what he has planned? I just don't know, because his platform to this day is still too vague.

In terms of McCain, poor guy, he's getting older but he wants this job so badly. I respect that he's a former POW, that he's one of the most liberal Republicans out there, but my biggest hang-up with him is the issue of abortion. I think I feel better with his stance on the economy compared to Obama, but geez, what century are we living in, what country are we living in, if the most basic woman's right is taken away? I'm not FOR abortion, but I don't think it should be illegal. If a woman is going to get pregnant and doesn't want that child, she should be able to walk into a medical clinic and seek help. I don't want to read anymore about women fiddling with wire hangers or throwing babies away into public toilets or dumpsters, because if you put a woman in a desperate situation, she will do desperate things. Allow a woman to choose, and McCain, you just might have my vote.

I have never wanted to vote for a Republican in my life, but the choices here aren't so stellar, in my mind. If it were Hillary vs. McCain, hands-down the Democrats would have my vote. I'm tired to reading about how "great" Obama is. I want to understand what he will do for our country, and for me as a citizen. Lay out your platform, and maybe I will re-assess. But you ain't no Mr. Darcy, 'cause you haven't won my heart just yet.

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